What is Grassroots | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

 in Killaloe
Hosted by LMBC

April 2nd

Round 2

in Mullaghmeen
Hosted by
Mullaghmeen MTB

April 23rd 2023

Round 3

 in Clonmel
Hosted by
Clonmel MTB

May 21st

Round 4

in Bree
Hosted By

June 18th

Round 5

in Hush
Hosted By

September 17th 2023

What is Grassroots

Jan 31, 2017

What is Grassroots

Jan 31, 2017 | 2 comments

To avert any confusion, we wanted to clarify what the Grassroots in the series name represents.

Firstly, last year the race series was known as the Munster Enduro Series. For 2017 the clubs involved as well as the locations and number of venues have increased. However, not all the venues now fall with in the province of Munster. As a result it was felt that a new name was needed.

Some people have asked whether Grassroots refers to the level of difficulty or the skill level that the series is aimed at. The answer to this is no, it is not. Grassroots refers to the organisers as well as the riders racing the various events in the series. The official definition of the term grassroots is: ‘The common or ordinary people, especially as contrasted with the leadership or elite; the most basic level of an activity.’

To clarify, the name Grassroots Enduro Series was chosen because all the events are organised by mountain biking clubs for mountain bikers. The targeted rider includes casual mountain bikers as well as fully sponsored pros, there is no limitation.

By no means should this racing series be mistaken for a beginners series. While beginners to racing are certainly welcome – they being part of the ‘grassroots’ so to speak – a certain confidence and experience on a mountain bike will be required to tackle the trails. The technicality and difficulty of the trails to be used will be comparable to those in other enduro races, regardless of whether these are national or international events.

First and foremost, the Grassroots Enduro Series aims to provide a fun atmosphere, focussing more on participation than competition. It is a great introduction to racing for those that have not tried it before or do not have the time or finances to commit to other series.