What is Enduro? | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

 in Keeper Hill
Hosted by LMBC

April 24th 2022

Round 2

in Bree Hill
Hosted by Bree
Mountain Bike Club

May 8th 2022

Round 3

 in Cahir
Hosted by South Tipp Cycling Club

June 26th 2022

Round 4

in Shronaboy Farm
Hosted by Killarney Cycling Club

Sept 18th 2022

What is Enduro?

Feb 20, 2017

What is Enduro?

Feb 20, 2017

A quick video from the Global Mountain Bike Network explaining what exactly is Enduro racing.

Obviously, this series falls under the grassroots events as mentioned in the video as opposed to Alpine or Enduro World Series. However, each of the Grassroots Enduro Series rounds will consist of three timed downhill stages with untimed transitions in between which will be mostly uphill and take racers back to the start of the next stage.

Unlike the Alpine events shown in the video, the transitions in this series will have to be ridden or walked – no uplifts here.

The Grassroots Enduro Series is a blind racing series which means there is no practice day or morning at any of the events. Instead, competitors are allowed to repeat stages as often as they wish before the finish deadline – usually around 4pm.

For the full rules pertaining to participating in the Grassroots Enduro Series please read the Rules & Regulations.