Grassroots Enduro Series Dates | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

Co. Cork

August 29th

Round 2

Co. Tipperary

Sept 19th

Round 3

Keeper Hill,
Co. Tipperary

Oct 3rd

Grassroots Enduro Series Dates

Jan 17, 2017

Grassroots Enduro Series Dates

Jan 17, 2017

It’s official, 2017 will see five rounds in the Grassroots Enduro Series with dates and venues as follows:

Round 1: 5th of March at Bike Park Ireland and hosted by Galway MTB
Round 2: 9th of April at Killaloe hosted by Limerick Mountain Biking Club (LMBC)
Round 3: 7th of May at Bree hosted byt Bree Mtb
Round 4: 11th of June at Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trail and hosted by Team Ballyhoura
Round 5: 27th of August hosted by Rebel MTB at a yet to be confirmed location

We’ll keep you updated on developments and when & where to register for each event.