Entry Fees, Categories, Licenses & Other FAQs | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

 in Killaloe
Hosted by LMBC

April 2nd

Round 2

in Mullaghmeen
Hosted by
Mullaghmeen MTB

April 23rd 2023

Round 3

 in Clonmel
Hosted by
Clonmel MTB

May 21st

Round 4

in Bree
Hosted By

June 18th

Round 5

in Hush
Hosted By

September 17th 2023

Entry Fees, Categories, Licenses & Other FAQs

Feb 7, 2017

Entry Fees, Categories, Licenses & Other FAQs

Feb 7, 2017 | News

Registration Fees


Reg. Fee

Timer Deposit
(on race day)

1 Day Licence Fee
(on race day)

Junior (10 to 17)



€20 (€10 if in C.I.)

Under 30 (18 to 29)



€20 (€10 if in C.I.)

Under 40 (30 to 39)



€20 (€10 if in C.I.)

Vets (40+)



€20 (€10 if in C.I.)




€20 (€10 if in C.I.)

Type of License

All riders must have a valid current Cycling Ireland Competitive Licence. The leisure licence does not cover you to race in this series, and you will be required to purchase a one day licence in this case.  (For Round 1 in B.P.I. all competitors will have to sign a B.P.I. waiver form at registration.)


The minimum age is 10. Competitors aged 14 and under must be accompanied by a guardian at all times on the competition course. Both the junior and the guardian must have valid Cycling Ireland (C.I.) competitive licences (or purchase a one day licence). The guardian does not have to take part in the competition. The guardian must be present at registration to sign the guardian consent form.

Over 14 up to 18: The guardian consent form must be signed by both the competitor and the guardian, in person at registration. It is recommended that all juniors are accompanied by a guardian during the competition.

Age Differences

Example: a competitor entering the under 30 category must be a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 29 years old on the 1st of January. If they are 30 on the 1st January, they will turn 31 during the season and be too old for the under 30 category, thus they should race in the under 40 category.


Do I need to purchase a C.I. Competition Licence before registering online ?

It makes it easier for each race organisers if competitors have purchased their licence prior to online registration. However, you can buy one before the race day itself (see next question).

What happens if I’ve bought a C.I. licence but it hasn’t arrived before the competition?

This can often happen due to backlogs. Print off a pdf version of your competitive race licence and bring it with you to the race registration (see the video at the bottom of this page). Or a good quality screenshot on your phone will suffice.

Why can’t I race with a C.I. Leisure Licence?

Because a C.I. leisure licence is not covered by the C.I insurance policy. Thus it will not cover you, the race organisers, a third party or the landowners in the event of an accident. Thus you have to purchase a one day licence on race day.

Can I buy a one-day C.I. licence on race day?

Yes, they will be available at registration on race day.

Can I swap my entry if I can’t make it?

No sorry, all timing tags are programmed in advance to reduce the registration queue, so we can’t readjust entries.

Can I enter on the day?

No. Entries are available online only.

Can I join a waiting list if the event has sold out?

Unfortunately not. There is no waiting list for any of the rounds. Registration only opens a few weeks before each race in the expectation that the majority of racers will be able to commit.

Is this a beginner friendly event?

In terms of the level of difficulty no. It’s on a par with other national Enduro races. While beginners are welcome, they can expect multiple technical features on all trails. All features will be rollable.

Why is it called the Grassroots Enduro then?

Some people have asked whether Grassroots refers to the level of difficulty or the skill level that the series is aimed at. The answer to this is no, it is not. Grassroots refers to the organisers as well as the riders racing the various events in the series. The series is considered as ‘grassroots’ because it is aimed at non-professionals and is organised on a national level through local mountain bike clubs working on a non-profit basis.

What’s the race format and time schedule?

Each series will have 3 blind stages. Competitors can attempt each stage, in any order, as many times as they like in-between the race start and finish times. These will vary from venue to venue but will be published in advance of each race. For Round 1, Registration opens at 10 am, Stages open at 10:30 am and close at 4 pm. You have to complete each stage at least once to register a finish time. In reality, the majority of competitors will only attempt each stage a maximum of 2 times.

What is Blind format racing?

This means that competitors are only allowed to ride the course on race day. A practice ban will come into place 7 days before the competition. Competitors are requested to respect the blind format of the races, and not ride any part of any trail in the week preceding race day.

Are there any uplifts?

If you can afford private helicopter rental, then yes. If not on yer bike.

Do I have to stop at each stage start and end to time in/out or can I cycle by?

Unfortunately yes, you do have to come to a stop at each stage start and finish to read your timing tag. We priced a “cycle by” system but we would have to double the entry fee to justify the equipment rental. Practice your trackstands & stoppies.

What are the rules and regulations?

A full copy can be found at http://grassrootsenduro.com/rules-regulations/

How do I print my Cycling Ireland license?

See the video below.