2019 Overall Series Results | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

 in Killaloe
Hosted by LMBC

April 2nd

Round 2

in Mullaghmeen
Hosted by
Mullaghmeen MTB

April 23rd 2023

Round 3

 in Clonmel
Hosted by
Clonmel MTB

May 21st

Round 4

in Bree
Hosted By

June 18th

Round 5

in Hush
Hosted By

September 17th 2023

2019 Overall Series Results

Nov 26, 2019

2019 Overall Series Results

Nov 26, 2019 | 2019 Series, News

These are the overall points scored per category in this year’s series. For this season this was just a fun exercise and there are no prizes except bragging rights.

For the 2020 season, the format will likely change. If there is enough interest a championship may be run in the style of the Gravity Enduro series with four out of 5 rounds counting at the end of the season.

Let us know in the comments and on social media what your thoughts are.

Position Name Club Points
1st Jonathan Maunsell Team Ballyhoura 81
2nd Jason Murphy Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 58
3rd Dan Wolfe Polygon Bikes Worldwide 50
4th Kyle Lawson Dirty Hobbits 49
5th Emmet Callaghan IMBRC 30
6th James Fleming MAD MTB 27
7th Paul Lenihan Tralee Bay Mountain Biking Club 25
8th= Peter Boaden 20
8th= Harry Byrne Team Expert Cycles 20
9th Eoin Grant MBCC 18
10th= Olly Cornforth 16
10th= Rob Davis 16
11th Brendan Callaghan Feel Good Bicycles 15
12th= Killian Callaghan Specialized Racing 13
12th= Richard Thornhill Rebel MTB 13
13th= Aaron McBride 11
13th= Garreth Davis Team Biking.ie 11
14th Niall Whelan 10
15th Damien Scally 9
16th= Alex Nowotynski Rebel MTB 8
16th= Grzegorz Szostak Mad Elk Cycles 8
17th Kevin Brannigan 7
18th= Andy Bichard Galway MTB 6
18th= Cathal Hickey Dirtyrides MTB Enduro Team/Killarney Cycling Club 6
19th Declan Curtin KMBC 3
20th A.Dunne Killarney Cycling Club 2
21st Evan Mahon 1
Position Name Club Points
1st Eilis Davey IMBRC 77
2nd Olive Mulqueen LMBC 60
3rd Leah Maunsell Team Ballyhoura 50
4th Roísín Hickey Gravity BC 40
5th Sinead Ryan ML Syndicate 32
6th= Grainne Burke ML Syndicate 26
6th= Lisa Davis 26
7th= Bernie Commins 25
7th= Meave Baxter Cuchullain CC 25
8th= John Trainor 20
8th= Lorraine O’Sullivan KMBC 20
9th= Tara Browne Galway MTB 19
9th= Elizabeth Doherty IMBRC 19
10th Cliona O’Kelly Northwest MTB 16
11th= Alda Leite 11
11th= Claire Breslin MAD MTB 11
11th= Carolanne Savage Northwest MTB 11
12th Leah Pittam KMBC 10
13th Katrin Frenzel Galway MTB 8
14th Kate Howser Dirtyrides MTB Enduro Team 7
Position Name Club Points
1st Shane O’Sullivan Team Ballyhoura 111
2nd Darragh Sweeny 61
3rd Conor Healy Team Ballyhoura 57
4th Evan Murphy Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 52
5th Shane Lennon Balina CC 50
6th Jake White IMBRC 36
7th Oisin O’Callaghan LMBC 25
8th Adam Burke 23
9th Max Schone ML Syndicate 22
10th Lewis Bruton IMBRC 21
11th Oliver Davy 20
12th Ross Callaghan IMBRC 19
13th Ruairi Coghlan Killarney CC 16
14th= Jim O’Callaghan Team Ballyhoura 15
14th= Milo Donaldson 15
15th Jaden Leane Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 14
16th Oscar Durston Bray Wheeler’s 12
17th= Carl Jennings 10
17th= Mark McGlynn 10
17th= Dylan Waters Western Lakes CC 10
18th= Adam Murphy Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 9
18th= Oscar McCarthy Killarney CC 9
18th= Cody Lawlor ML Syndicate 9
19th Cian Bichard Galway MTB 8
20th= Patrick Cremin MBCC 7
20th= Cillian Doyle 7
21st= Callum Fisher ML Syndicate 6
21st= Jude Donohue ML Syndicate 6
22nd= Cody Roberts ML Syndicate 5
22nd= Kyle Scully 5
22nd= Ezra Dolan ML Syndicate 5
23rd= Thomas O’Reilly Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 4
23rd= George Lordan MBCC 4
23rd= Darragh McDonnell 4
23rd= Dan Kearney ML Syndicate 4
24th Christopher Walsh Clonmel Mountain Biking Club 3
25th= James Kennedy 2
25th= Sam Lonergan Racing 795 2
26th= Tadhg Quirke Team Ballyhoura 1
26th= Matthew Goodwin 1
Position Name Club Points
1st Nathan Kelly ML Syndicate 95
2nd Brendan Callaghan Feel Good Bicycles 36
3rd Craig Bruton IMBRC 35
4th Alessandro Martinis Boyne MTB 27
5th Ross Ennis Haven AV Racing 25
6th= Luke O’Driscoll MBCC 20
6th= Daniel Finegan Bikeworx 20
6th= Joseph Clanct 20
7th= Christopher Sweetman 16
7th= Jamie Grifferty Boyne MTB 16
8th= Kaid Askins Ounavarra Cycling Club 13
8th= Julian Brennan 13
8th= Matthew Waters Western Lakes 13
9th Luke Treacy Dublin2Bike 11
10th Domhnall McCullough 10
11th= James Fortune 9
11th= Charlie O’Neill 9
12th= Stephen Cullen 8
12th= Brian Doherty Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 8
13th Danny Bichard Galway MTB 7
14th Evan Mahon 6
Position Name Club Points
1st Richard Pollard Dirty Hobbits 60
2nd Luke Courtney MBCC 46
3rd Rory McCarthy MBCC 45
4th Gerard Heffernan Team Ballyhoura 39
5th Daniel Kedney MBCC 38
6th Keith Armstrong Dirty Hobbits 30
7th Richie Dunne 28
8th= Brian Grogan Biking Dirty 25
8th= Cathal Hickey 25
8th= Adam Voss Tãr Chonaill Gap 25
9th= John Belling Mad MTB 22
9th= Alan Crowley Rebel MTB 22
10th= Youen Horner Dublin2Bike 20
10th= Alan Connolly Rebel MTB 20
10th= Alex Nowotynski Rebel MTB 20
11th David Moynihan Tralee Bay Mountain Biking Club 19
12th= Kevin Manning Crucial 16
12th= Robert Duggan 16
12th= Marc Tetley 16
13th Peter Finegan MBCC 14
14th Gavin Burke Northwest MTB 13
15th= Tim Ryan Clonmel MBC 9
15th= Niall McEntegart Cuchullain CC 9
16th= Aby Waldron Dirty Hobbits 8
16th= Marcus Barry MBCC 8
16th= Jamie Crosse 8
16th= Stephen Hickey 8
17th= Liam Culleton CMBC 7
17th= Paul O’Sullivan Gravity BC 7
17th= Aaron Furlong Sliabh Bhui MTB 7
17th= Kevin Branigan Crucial 7
17th= Cal Hollywood 7
18th= Luke Beattie Gravity BC 6
18th= Pawel Poltorak 6
18th= Daren Murphy 6
19th= Ross Malone 5
19th= Mikie Galvin 5
19th= Edward Murphy 5
20th= Stephen Ryan 4
20th= Mark O’Shea 4
20th= Stephen Beattie 4
21st= Denis Foley LMBC 3
21st= Ronan Keane Northwest MTB 3
22nd= Kevin McCaffrey Galway MTB 2
22nd= Dominic Schone 2
23rd Martin McLaughlin 1
Position Name Club Points
1st Oisin Boydell Epic MTB 59
2nd Brendan Foley LMBC 56
3rd Barry Langrell 021 Racing 41
4th Brendan O’Hanlon ML Syndicate 38
5th Emmet Kelly 37
6th Howie Miller 33
7th Mark O’Hara KMBC 27
8th= Rory O’Keefe 021 Racing 25
8th= Leon Rosser 25
8th= Trevor Mills 25
9th= Peter Boaden ML Syndicate 20
9th= Dave Bermingham MBCC 20
9th= Scott Coyne 20
10th Liam Long 021 Racing 18
11th= Damien Daly 021 Racing 16
11th= Richard Thornhill Rebel MTB 16
12th Al Maxwell Gravity BC 15
13th Stephen Foley LMBC 14
14th= Barry Travers KMBC 13
14th= Rory O’Donnell Biking Dirty 13
15th Shane Leavy 021 Racing 12
16th= Marcin Mizia MBCC 11
16th= Stephen Grant South Tip Cycling Club 11
16th= Martin Butterly 11
17th Radek Blaha MBCC 10
18th= Will Powderly Gravity BC 9
18th= Thomas McLoughlin Northwest MTB 9
19th Matthew Kelly IMBRC 8
20th= Mark Kelly Gravity BC 7
20th= Barry Meade 7
20th= Ciaran Cassidy Bikeworx 7
20th= George Allen Feel Good Bicycles 7
21st= Brian Hanley MBCC 6
21st= Diarmuid McNamara 6
22nd= Gergo Bakanyi Gravity BC 5
22nd= Shane McManus Rebel MTB 5
22nd= John Shorley Clonmel Mountain Biking Club 5
22nd= Mike Holm 5
23rd= Simon Evans The Big Little Bike Shop 4
23rd= Ian Craig Northwest MTB 4
24th= Yannick Galindo MBCC 3
24th= Niall Egan 3
24th= Cal Smith Rebel MTB 3
24th= Craig Berkeley Enduro Ducks 3
25th= John Toomey Clonmel Mountain Biking Club 2
25th= Arran Coughlan 2
26th= Ross McCarthy 1
26th= Brendan O’Meara 1
26th= Conan Abel 1
26th= Karl Grogan MAD MTB 1
Position Name Club Points
1st Daniel Collins LMBC 101
2nd Peter O’Neill IMBRC 86
3rd Paul McLoughlin 70
4th Gary Williams The ML Syndicate 44
5th Gareth O’Callaghan Gravity BC 39
6th Timo Shinnors Team Ballyhoura 34
7th Philip McDonagh MAD MTB 32
8th Eoin Fitzgerald LMBC 31
9th Scott Barkley IMBRC 27
10th David Coyne IMBRC 24
11th John Lambert 18
12th= Alan Ryan Velocity MTB 16
12th= Craig Gallaway Northwest MTB 16
13th= Jamie Whelan 13
13th= Khalid Rahmani 13
14th= Ian Kennedy MBCC 11
14th= Kemble Larkin MAD MTB 11
14th= Raymond Kerr 11
15th Brian Coughlan MBCC 10
16th John Loughran Dirty Hobbits 9
17th= Jeremy Evans Kickstand Crew 8
17th= Clyde Gaffney 8
18th= Shane O’Callaghan MBCC 7
18th= Daire Stokes MAD MTB 7
18th= Jay Scully 7
18th= Terry McErlain 7
19th= James Condon 6
19th= Mark Graham Norrhwest MTB 6
20th= Jason Scannell 5
20th= Stephen Brennan Team Bohonk 5
21st= Declan Murtagh 4
21st= Stephen Hasson 4
22nd= Rory O’Donnell 3
22nd= Neil O’Connor Clonmel Mountain Biking Club 3
23rd= Ken Kelly KMBC 2
23rd= Joe O’Leary Killarney/The Big Little Bike Shop 2
23rd= John Joe McCoy 2
23rd= Billy McSweeney 2
23rd= Marcus Swail 021 Racing 2
24th= Brendan Masterson Gravity BC 1
24th= Peader Mulvihill LMBC 1
24th= Tom Quirke 1
24th= Stephen Mathews Team Ballyhoura 1
Position Name Club Points
1st Andrew Sweeny LMBC 65
2nd Mark Keating IMBRC 50
3rd Kevin Dalton Team Ballyhoura 42
4th Cieran Maunsell Team Ballyhoura 40
5th= David Dobson IMBRC 36
5th= Aidan Barry MBCC 36
6th Shane Murphy Cork BMX Club 32
7th Andy Bichard Galway MTB 26
8th Stephen Scully MBCC 25
9th Edwin O’Connor Rebel MTB 22
10th Patrick Holmes Team Ballyhoura 21
11th Alan Duffy 20
12th Brian O’Callaghan Team Ballyhoura 19
13th Barry Dunford Clonmel MBC 15
14th Karl Ryan 13
15th Mark Kelly Dirty Hobbits 11
16th Robert Kehoe Les Rouleurs 10
17th Andy Brady VTCC 5
18th Karl Ennis 4
Position Name Club Points
1st Pat Collins Team Ballyhoura 82
2nd Jason Drummy Team Ballyhoura 53
3rd Joe Bergin Team Ballyhoura 50
4th Kenneth Murphy Bree MTB 43
5th Ross Pearson Gravity BC 25
6th Robert Alvarado MBCC 22
7th= Sean O’Sullivan Team Ballyhoura 20
7th= Kenneth Hickey 20
8th= David Murray Galway MTB 16
8th= Declan O’Connell 16
9th Murray Tidmarsh Rebel MTB 13
10th James Tidmarsh Rebel MTB 11
Position Name Club Points
1st Darius Guzauskas LMBC 77
2nd Paul Moloney LMBC 56
3rd Marcin Mizia MBCC 50
4th Ivan Rajkov Galway MTB 48
5th Yannick Galindo MBCC 40
6th Niall McEntegart Cuchullain CC 34
7th Phillip Dollery LMBC 21
8th Patrick Cremin 20
9th Liam Duffy MBCC 19
10th Darragh McDonnell MBCC 17
11th= Shane O’Callaghan MBCC 16
11th= Tom Hennigan Galway MTB 16
11th= Dominic Friel 16
12th Michael Duffy MBCC 14
13th= Barry Power 021 Racing 13
13th= Michael O’Sullivan Rebel MTB 13
13th= Sean Lundy Bray Wheeler’s 13
13th= Declan Sampson 13
14th Arkadiusz Sikorski 11
15th= Marcus Swail Velocity 10
15th= John Grifferty Boyne MTB 10
15th= Tom Hubbard 10
16th= John Hinchy LMBC 9
16th= Brian Hanley MBCC 9
16th= Elizabeth Doherty IMBRC 9
16th= Ben O’Keefe 9
17th Simon Mullally MBCC 8
18th Jean Baptiste Malaubier MBCC 7
19th David McCarthy MBCC 6
20th= Connor Scully 5
20th= Adrian O’Leary 5
21st Harry Willoughby 4
22nd Caspar Hickmott Team Ballyhoura 3

Points Scored per Round

1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Jonathan Maunsell Dan Wolfe Dan Wolfe Jason Murphy Jonathan Maunsell 25
2nd Emmet Callaghan Jason Murphy Jonathan Maunsell Peter Boaden Harry Byrne 20
3rd Rob Davis Olly Cornforth James Fleming Paul Lenihan Michael Lee 16
4th Jason Murphy Killian Callaghan Kyle Lawson Kyle Lawson Kyle Lawson 13
5th James Fleming Jonathan Maunsell Eoin Grant Aaron McBride Garreth Davis 11
6th Kyle Lawson Emmet Callaghan Brendan Callaghan Niall Whelan 10
7th Richard Thornhill Paul Lenihan Damien Scally 9
8th Grzegorz Szostak Alex Nowotynski 8
9th Kevin Brannigan Eoin Grant 7
10th Andy Bichard Cathal Hickey 6
11th Brendan Callaghan 5
12th Richard Thornhill 4
13th Declan Curtin 3
14th A Dunne 2
15th Evan Mahon 1
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Leah Maunsell Eilis Davey Bernie Commins Leah Maunsell Meave Baxter 25
2nd Roisin Hickey John Trainor Lorraine O’Sullivan Róisín Hickey Eilis Davey 20
3rd Eilis Davey Sinead Ryan Sinead Ryan Eilis Davey Cliona O’Kelly 16
4th Olive Mulqueen Olive Mulqueen Olive Mulqueen Lisa Davis Lisa Davis 13
5th Alda Leite Claire Breslin Olive Mulqueen Carolanne Savage 11
6th Leah Pittam Tara Browne Elizabeth Doherty Olive Mulqueen 10
7th Tara Browne Grainne Burke Grainne Burke Elizabeth Doherty 9
8th Grainne Burke Katrin Frenzel 8
9th Kate Howser 7
1 2 3 3 4
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Oisin O’Callaghan Shane O’Sullivan Shane O’Sullivan Shane O’Sullivan Shane O’Sullivan 25
2nd Evan Murphy Conor Healy Darragh Sweeny Oliver Davy Jake White 20
3rd Ruairi Coghlan Shane Lennon Jake White Evan Murphy Evan Murphy 16
4th Conor Healy Ross Callaghan Conor Healy Darragh Sweeny Shane Lennon 13
5th Shane O’Sullivan Lewis Bruton Shane Lennon Conor Healy Darragh Sweeny 11
6th Shane Lennon Jim O’Callaghan Lewis Bruton Mark McGlynn Dylan Waters 10
7th Jaden Leane Darragh Sweeny Oscar Durston Oscar McCarthy Max Schone 9
8th Darragh Sweeny Adam Burke Adam Burke Milo Donaldson Cian Bichard 8
9th Adam Burke Patrick Cremin Carl Jennings Cillian Doyle Oscar McCarthy 7
10th Ross Callaghan Max Schone Callum Fisher Max Schone Cody Lawlor 6
11th Jim O”Callaghan Jaden Leane Cody Roberts Kyle Scully Ezra Dolan 5
12th Adam Murphy Thomas O’Reilly Jude Donohue Darragh McDonnell Dan Kearney 4
13th Oscar Durston Carl Jennings Christopher Walsh Cody Lawlor Adam Murphy 3
14th George Lordan James Kennedy Sam Lonergan George Lordan Jude Donohue 2
15th Max Schone Adam Murphy Tadhg Quirke Adam Murphy Matthew Goodwin 1
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Ross Ennis Craig Bruton Nathan Kelly Nathan Kelly Nathan Kelly 25
2nd Nathan Kelly Luke O’Driscoll Daniel Finegan Brendan Callaghan Joseph Clancy 20
3rd Alessandro Martinis Christopher Sweetman Jamie Grifferty Brendan Callaghan 16
4th Julian Drennan Kaid Askins Matthew Waters 13
5th Luke Treacy Alessandro Martinis 11
6th Domhnall McCullough Craig Bruton 10
7th James Fortune Charlie O’Neill 9
8th Brain Doherty Stephen Cullen 8
9th Danny Bichard 7
10th Evan Mahon 6
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Luke Courtney Daniel Kedney Brian Grogan Cathal Hickey Adam Voss 25
2nd Youen Horner Alan Connolly Richard Pollard Alex Nowotynski Richard Pollard 20
3rd Rory McCarthy Rory McCarthy Gerard Heffernan Robert Duggan Marc Tetley 16
4th Daniel Kedney Gerard Heffernan Rory McCarthy Alan Crowley Gavin Burke 13
5th Richard Pollard Luke Courtney John Belling John Belling Keith Armstrong 11
6th Gerard Heffernan David Moynihan Kevin Manning Luke Courtney Richie Dunne 10
7th David Moynihan Alan Crowley Keith Armstrong Richard Pollard Niall McEntegart 9
8th Aby Waldron Marcus Barry Richie Dunne Stephen Hickey Peter Finegan 8
9th Keith Armstrong Paul O’Sullivan Kevin Branigan Cal Hollywood Jamie Crosse 7
10th Kevin Manning Richie Dunne Luke Beattie Pawel Poltorak Darren Murphy 6
11th Tim Ryan Aaron Furlong Ross Malone Mikie Galvin Edward Murphy 5
12th Liam Culleton Tim Ryan Stephen Bryan Richie Dunne Stephen Beattie 4
13th Peter Finegan Peter Finegan Liam Culleton Keith Armstrong Ronan Keane 3
14th Denis Foley Kevin McCaffrey Aaron Furlong Mark O’Shea Dominic Schone 2
15th Mark O’Shea Mark O’Shea Jamie Crosse Denis Foley Martin McLaughlin 1
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Rory O’Keeffe Barry Langrell Brendan O’Hanlon Leon Rosser Trevor Mills 25
2nd Peter Boaden Brendan Foley Howie Miller Scott Coyne Brendan Foley 20
3rd Barry Langrell Damien Daly Oisin Boydell Brendan Foley Emmet Kelly 16
4th Howie Miller Mark O’Hara Barry Travers Oisin Boydell Brendan O’Hanlon 13
5th Marcin Mizia Stephen Grant Martin Butterly Emmet Kelly Oisin Boydell 11
6th Emmet Kelly Oisin Boydell Mark O’Hara Liam Long Dave Bermingham 10
7th Oisin Boydell Stephen Foley Will Powderly Shane Leavy Thomas McLoughlin 9
8th Al Maxwell Liam Long Richard Thornhill Richard Thornhill Rory O’Donnell 8
9th Mark Kelly Barry Meade Ciaran Cassidy Al Maxwell George Allen 7
10th Radek Blaha Dave Bermingham Brian Hanley Diarmuid McNamara Matthew Kelly 6
11th Gergo Bakonyi John Shorley Rory O’Donnell Mike Holm Stephen Foley 5
12th Mark O’hara Shane McManus Simon Evans Radek Blaha Ian Craig 4
13th Niall Egan Cal Smyth Shane Leavy Yannick Galindo Craig Berkeley 3
14th Matthew Kelly John Toomey Dave Bermingham Dave Birmingham Arran Coughlan 2
15th Shane McManus Ross McCarthy Brendan O’Meara Conan Abel Karl Grogan 1
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Peter O’Neill Paul McLoughlin Peter O’Neill Paul McLoughlin Daniel Collins 25
2nd Paul McLoughlin Daniel Collins Daniel Collins Daniel Collins Peter O’Neill 20
3rd Daniel Collins Gareth O’Callaghan Scott Barkley Peter O’Neill Craig Gallaway 16
4th Gareth O’Callaghan Gary Williams Jamie Whelan Khalid Rahmani Eoin Fitzgerald 13
5th Scott Barkley Ian Kennedy Kemble Larkin Gary Williams Raymond Kerr 11
6th Gary Williams Timo Shinnors Gareth O’Callaghan Timo Shinnors Timo Shinnors 10
7th Philip McDonagh John Lambert John Lamber David Coyne David Coyne 9
8th Alan Ryan Alan Ryan Jeremy Evans Clyde Gaffney Philip McDonagh 8
9th Shane O’Callaghan Brian Coughlan Daire Stokes Jay Scully Terry McErlain 7
10th James Condon Eoin Fitzgerald John Loughran Philip McDonagh Mark Graham 6
11th Eoin Fitzgerald David Coyne Philip McDonagh Jason Scannell Stephen Brennan 5
12th Timo Shinnors Philip McDonagh Declan Murtagh Eoin fitzgerald Stephen Hasson 4
13th Rory O’Donnell 2 Neil O’Connor Eoin Fitzgerald Brian Coughlan John Loughran 3
14th Ken Kelly Joe O’Leary John Joe McCoy Billy McSweeney Marcus Swail 2
15th Brendan Masterson Peader Mulvihill David Coyne Tom Quirke Stefan Mathews 1
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Mark keating Stephen Scully Mark Keating Aidan Barry David Dobson 25
2nd Cieran Maunsell Cieran Maunsell Kevin Dalton Andrew Sweeny Alan Duffy 20
3rd Shane Murphy Shane Murphy Andrew Sweeny Edwin O’Connor Andrew Sweeny 16
4th Patrick Holmes Kevin Dalton Karl Ryan Andy Bichard Andy Bichard 13
5th David Dobson Aidan Barry Mark Kelly 11
6th Brian O’Callaghan Robert Kehoe 10
7th Kevin Dalton Brian O’Callaghan 9
8th Barry Dunford Patrick Holmes 8
9th Andrew Sweeny Barry Dunford 7
10th Edwin O’Connor Andrew Sweeny 6
11th Andy Brady 5
12th Karl Ennis 4
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Joe Bergin Joe Bergin Ross Pearson Pat Collins Pat Collins 25
2nd Jason Drummy Jason Drummy Kenneth Hickey Kenneth Murphy Sean O’Sullivan 20
3rd Pat Collins Pat Collins Declan O’Connell David Murray 16
4th Kenneth Murphy Murray Tidmarsh Jason Drummy 13
5th Robert Alvarado James Tidmarsh Robert Alvarado 11
6th Kenneth Murphy 10
1 2 3 4 5
Position Name Name Name Name Name Points
1st Paul Moloney Marcin Mizia Marcin Mizia Ivan Rajkov Darius Guzauskas 25
2nd Darius Guzauskas Yannick Galindo Yannick Galindo Patrick Cremin Paul Moloney 20
3rd Niall McEntegart Shane O’Callaghan Darius Guzauskas Darius Guzauskas Dominic Friel 16
4th Barry Power Michael O’Sullivan Sean Lundy Declan Sampson Ivan Rajkov 13
5th Darragh McDonnell Paul Moloney Niall McEntegart Philip Dollery Arkadiusz Sikorski 11
6th Ivan Rajkov Marcus Swail John Grifferty Tom Hubbard Liam Duffy 10
7th John Hinchy Brian Hanley Elizabeth Doherty Ben O’Keeffe Tom Hennigan 9
8th Philip Dollery Simon Mullally Liam Duffy Michael Duffy 8
9th Jean Baptiste Malaubier Niall McEntegart Tom Hennigan 7
10th David McCarthy Darragh McDonnell Michael Duffy 6
11th Conor Scully Adrian O’Leary 5
12th Harry Willoughby 4
13th Caspar Hickmott 3
14th Philip Dollery 2
15th Liam Duffy 1