Round One Sold Out | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

 in Keeper Hill
Hosted by LMBC

April 24th 2022

Round 2

in Bree Hill
Hosted by Bree
Mountain Bike Club

May 8th 2022

Round 3

 in Cahir
Hosted by South Tipp Cycling Club

June 26th 2022

Round 4

in Shronaboy Farm
Hosted by Killarney Cycling Club

Sept 18th 2022

Round One Sold Out

Feb 11, 2017

Round One Sold Out

Feb 11, 2017

Round One is sold out!

Registration opened at 9am on Wednesday morning and by 5 in the evening all 150 spots were gone – a sell out event I less than eight hours. Even the organisers were taken by surprise by the level of interest in the opening round of the polygon Grassroots Enduro Series. Many riders who had intended to purchase their entry later in the evening were left dissapointed when, instead of form, they saw the message that registration had closed.

For the next round the opening time will be amended so that everyone has a better chance of getting their entries rather than missing out because of work or school.

The organisers would like to sincerely thank everyone that registered, as well as all those that tried but missed out, for their support. And let’s hope this level of interest carries on to all the rounds of the series.