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 in Killaloe
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April 2nd

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April 23rd 2023

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May 21st

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September 17th 2023

Round 3 Rider Information

May 2, 2019

Round 3 Rider Information

May 2, 2019 | 2019 Series, News, Round 3

Welcome, thank you for entering Round 3 of the Mondraker Grassroots Enduro series powered by Biking Dirty and hosted by the ML Syndicate at Kilbrannish, Co Wexford on Sunday 5th May 2019.

Directions to the venue

GPS Co-ordinates: 52.646261, -6.723697
Here is a link for Google maps:

The nearest town is Bunclody, Co Wexford. The turnoff to the venue is located opposite the entrance to SuperValu and will be signposted.

Event Schedule

Sunday 5th May 2019
Registration 08.30 – 11.30
Stages open from 10.00 – 15.00
The race finishes at 15.00. All timing tags must be returned to Race HQ by then.
Awards Ceremony 15.30

Registration and Timing

  • You cannot ride the course without a number plate.
  • Please present your current cycling licence at registration.
  • If you don’t have a physical copy of your license, take a screenshot of both the front AND THE BACK beforehand. Mobile reception at race HQ may be poor so you may not get access to it online. Again we need to see BOTH the FRONT and the BACK.
  • If you require a one day license, please bring the correct cash amount.
  • You will receive a bag with your race number, cable ties and timing chip. Do not cut or alter your race number.
  • Your timing chip should be worn on your LEFT wrist. You must clock in and out of each stage by HOLDING your timing chip against the reader for 3 SECONDS. The centre of the reader is the most sensitive part and this is the area to aim for.
  • You have been successful when you hear a beep and see a flashing light.
  • This is your responsibility to get right. The event organisers accept no responsibility with respect to incorrectly swiped timing chips.
  • The timing system is accurate to the nearest second.
  • In the event of a tie, the competitor with the fastest final stage shall be the fastest.

Racing and Results

  • There are 3 timed stages.
  • Competitors are not timed on transition sections.
  • Each stage is approximately 80% downhill, 20% flat or uphill.
  • Warning: there are some very steep descents but you will be able to roll everything, there are no big drops or jumps.
  • We recommend using your first stage attempt as a reconnaissance effort (i.e. take it easy), which could allow you to obtain a better time on your second attempt.
  • Stages are open from 10 am to 3 pm and can be ridden as many times as you want in any order you want.
  • During busy stage starts, competitors will be set off at 30-second intervals. If there is no queue you can take as much time as needed.
  • You will receive printed provisional results as soon as you return to the race village after completing the course.
  • Full results will be available on this website and the Grassroots Enduro series Facebook page soon after the event.

Bike Scrutiny

  • In the interest of safety, bikes must be in perfect working order and will be checked on Sunday before depart.
  • Please do not head out on the race course without having passed bike scrutiny, as you will be sent back to the race village by the start marshals.
  • Bikes that do not meet the minimum standard will not be allowed on course. This will be enforced by the Race Commissaire and race organising club.
  • All bikes must have bar plugs.
  • Brakes- firm lever and good pad condition.
  • Wheels- true with no loose spokes or holes in tires.
  • Headset tight and suspension in good working order

Safety and Mandatory Kit List

  • You are considered a travelling marshal, so please do your best to assist an injured competitor.
  • You must wear a helmet (open XC type OR full face DH type) at all times, including transition sections.
  • Gloves, knee and elbow protection are recommended but not compulsory.
  • You must bring all mandatory equipment with you throughout the race.
  • Pre-race, during and post races checks will be undertaken.
  • Time penalties will be imposed for missing mandatory kit so please ensure you comply in the interest of safety and fairness.

Mandatory Kit List:

  • Mobile phone
  • Basic first aid kit (Minimum: 1 x Dressing Pad for heavy bleeding (field dressing); bandage, plasters) and survival bag or foil blanket
  • Energy food and drink
  • Wind/ Waterproof Top (weather permitting )
  • Bike repair kit (tube, pump or CO2 canisters, Allen keys, chain tool)

It is advised that you use a small rucksack or suitable bag to carry above items. You may also secure items to your bike.

Lunch, Food and Drinks

Please respect the environment and other mountain users and do not litter.
There will be bins provided at the top and bottom of each stage.
There will be water, bananas and other snacks available halfway up the main climb. This is included in your entry fee.
There will be toilets provided in the race village

Rider Etiquette

Slower riders must give way to faster riders coming behind them. A polite shout by the approaching rider and the slower rider must pull in and leave a clear line for the faster rider to pass.

If you have a mechanical failure during a stage, please carry out the repair off track.

All roads and trails are open. The public has been informed with notices but bear it in mind that you may meet other forest users on transition stages.

We are sharing the mountain so please be polite and respect their day out.


There is no practice and penalties will be applied to any riders found to be riding the course before the event. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed riders in each category. Prizes have kindly been supplied by Mondraker and Biking Dirty

Prize giving will take place at 15.30pm in the race village.

If the sun is shining and you decide to leave your jacket with a marshal it will be available for collection in the race village after the event.

By entering the event you agree to abide by the rules of the event. This document is not a copy of the rules. See full rules here.

Finally, we would like to thank you for supporting this event. We would also like to thank all who have helped build the trails around Mt Leinster and all the volunteers from the ML Syndicate Club without whom this event simply wouldn’t be possible.