Round 1 2022 Results | Grassroots Enduro Series

Round 1

 in Keeper Hill
Hosted by LMBC

April 24th 2022

Round 2

in Bree Hill
Hosted by Bree
Mountain Bike Club

May 8th 2022

Round 3

 in Cahir
Hosted by South Tipp Cycling Club

June 26th 2022

Round 4

in Shronaboy Farm
Hosted by Killarney Cycling Club

Sept 18th 2022

Round 1 2022 Results

Apr 25, 2022

Below you’ll find the results of round 1 of the grassroots enduro 2022 which took place in Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary on the 24th of April 2022. For a stage by stage break down you can click here

Thanks to everyone who participated and to everyone who helped make this event possible.