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Round 1

The Nagles
March 31st

Round 2

April 28th

Round 3

Mt. Leinster
May 5th

Round 4

September 1st

Round 5

September 29th

Mondraker Grassroots Enduro Series
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A grassroots Enduro mountain bike racing series run by local clubs with the single goal of encouraging anyone, regardless of age or gender, to try racing in the simplest format. Its success is measured based on the feedback received from those who participate.

The one day blind race format is unique in that riders do not get to practice in advance, but can attempt the stages multiple times as they like before the cut-off time (usually a maximum of two attempts per stage).

While we encourage newcomers to have a go, the technical standard of most trails and venues is on a par with other regional and national Enduro competitions

News & Updates

2019 Series Sponsors

2019 Grassroots Enduro Series Sponsors We are happy to announce that we have new sponsors on board for the 2019 season to help keep this series going. Firstly, we want to thank Mondraker for being the series sponsor this year. Check out their world-class range of...

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Dates for 2019!

After a lot of hard work, calendar checking and coordinating between all the clubs involved, we're pleased to announce the dates for all five rounds that will make up the 2019 series! 31 Mar – MBCC Mountain Biking Club of Cork – The Nagles 28 Apr – Rebel MTB – Sam...

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2018 Series Survey

Welcome to the 2018 Grassroots Enduro Series survey. As a series, we thrive on the feedback, good or bad, from the riders, marshals and spectators that have participated in any of the events during the year. All of this information will help to make for an even better...

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